Your Home Should Tell the Story of Who You are and be a Collection of what you love.

– Nate Berkus

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Every house has a wall, every home has an atmosphere.

What you chose to display in your home and how and when you chose to display it will define your space. Your home’s “first impression” is on your front door!

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Handcrafted Wreaths

Something to add to your home’s story.

My goal is to create a design that will complement your style and enhance the aura in your home. For this reason, all of my wreaths are handcrafted with unique styling and can be customized to your liking or we can start from scratch and create the perfect design just as unique as your home is.

Your home’s “first impression” is on your front door!

Unique Designs

My designs include Floral, Burlap, Tulle, Ribbon, Rag and Mesh wreaths in every size and color specifically for your home or for any occasion.

This space is the prelude to the mood you will create on the inside.

Some have warm colors to present a cozy home, some have bright light colors to portray energy and still others will use Old World Charm or Victorian styles to create the ambience that they are greeted with when arriving home for the evening.

Donna Dirks, Founder

I invite you to browse some of my wreaths here and believe you may get inspired to add to your home’s story.

You may also consider wreath candle base centerpieces for weddings or special wreaths made for a unique alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet or brides maid bouquet(s). All centerpieces are guaranteed to coordinate with your wedding theme and all wreaths created to use as an alternative to a bouquet will be consonant with your dress colors.